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FAQs & Shipping Info

Where are you based?

Home Trend Tech is based in Los Angeles, CA, the second largest city in the United States. Often viewed as the cultural, financial and commercial center of Southern California, our location allows us to experience new innovations in technology and shifting cultural changes to help us find new and exciting products.

How does shipping work?

By keeping up to date on trends and innovation around the world, Home Trend Tech partners with global merchants to source the latest in exciting new home products at affordable prices.

As we work with international merchants, our supplies and stock ship from around the world. We currently partner with clients in India, Japan, China and Korea to deliver the latest in trendy tech products to your home. 

Because we work with global suppliers and distributors, your items may take some time to arrive. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will receive your product. Purchases normally arrive within 10-20 days. Please do not worry if your items do not show up immediately, they are on their way to your home.

What if I need to return the product?

No worries! If you would like to return a product, or experience an issue with your order, we are happy to help. Contact us right away and we will assist you with your concerns. If you are returning an item, we will arrange mailing and issue a refund, if applicable.